Pocket Boxing Legends App Reviews

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Just not good

E for effort, but the execution is lacking. Very slow controls and with a controller. Weak responsiveness while playing. Mediocre graphics.

Good game

This boxing game actually requires strategy and timing so dont expect to come out of the gate gunz blazing, because once you get to the harder difficulties youll lose fast lol. Side note: I beat Kid Turbo in 56 seconds. But why is his character model just a mirror of your boxer?

Mobile Punch Out

I am a huge Punch Out!!! fan of the NES, arcade, and Wii versions. This is a throwback to the arcade punch outs that I know and love. It is just like the arcade games in that it copys characters move sets. In that case please add a Glass Joe, Kid Quick, Dragon Chan, and Great Tiger look alike. Great game! Look forward to new characters!

Fills missing genre nicely

This is my favorite game on both the ipad and iPhone. I absolutely love it.

Old School Fun

Just like nintendos classics punch out game. I love the simple but fun approach the developers took. I love it. Watch out for the guy who looks like Rocky!

Excellent game

Yeeeees I am the champ.

Lots of Fun

Reminds me of the 1980s arcade boxing game; good fun. Updated new boxers(perhaps for a fee) would be great

Fun Game

Reminds me of my Nintendo when I was a kid.

Good Game

Loads of fun!

Very good

The nearest game to punch out

Punchout knockoff

Its dangerously similar to Mike Tysons Punchout. Even the characters appearance, style and names resembles it. However, the controls are harder on iPhone than in Nintendo.

Exe protection agent

This game is tricky and great! Thumbs up!

Punch out feel to it

Jus played the light version getting the game Nuff said


Fun play! Champ is easier to beat than the guy before him. Still trying to figure out clinching and planned uppercuts. Need a little fix to give you credit for a couple of the achievements but a boxing game fan will enjoy!

Great App

Very similar to old Mike Tyson punchout


Muy Cheever

NOTHING Like Punchout

Congrats to whomever used that bit of hyperbole to STEAL my 99 cents.

Yup, its as close to Punch Out on I- Tunes as youre gonna get!!

And I love it! Plays just like Super Punch Out on SNES!! Classic "retro" graphics mode(my favorite) and updated modern graphics mode. They even added the character portraits by the life bar!!! Awesome!!!

Very Good

Game has become addictive. Alotta fun & have enjoyed it for quite some time

Love the graphics

Nice game!!!

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